happy december! ☆

hi gorgeous, i realise all my latest posts have begun with me apologising for not posting in forever. while this is true, i've decided i'm just going to post when i feel like it, which is hopefully a bit more often! anyway, into the post 🌸🎄 ☆ i can't believe it's already december! 2019 has… Continue reading happy december! ☆


hey lovelies, omg i can't believe i haven't posted on here in over 2 MONTHS! that's crazy! i've been busy but that isn't really an excuse so i'll try and post more from now on. anyway, we only have one more week of school until summer holidays and i'm so excited! and, next week is… Continue reading summatime

am i really an aries? – collab

hi sunflower 🌻 i'm so excited for this post, because it's my first ever collab! and i'm even more excited because the person i'm collaborating with is the wonderful maryam from infinitelyadaydreamer and i adore her blog! 🌷 anyway, as you can probably tell, in this post i am going to compare my star sign… Continue reading am i really an aries? – collab

magical photo gift diy- inspired by jordan clark

hi sunflower, 🌻 in autumn term 2018, we had inset day, on which i was extremely bored so i decided to make one of jordan clark's diys! 🌸i think it turned out pretty cute🙈 and i loved it so much that when it was my dance teacher's birthday🍰 recently, i decided to make one for… Continue reading magical photo gift diy- inspired by jordan clark